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Are Ebooks Still Relevant?

Are Ebooks Still Relevant-In a word… YES!

Ebooks will never really go out of style for two reasons:

  1. Easy to produce
  2. Easy to consume

As an entrepreneur who uses ebooks to teach and market my business and that of my clients, I always recommend ebooks as a great place to begin building your publishing empire.


Ebooks can do more than just make you money

The success of your ebook lies in the planning. I see so many entrepreneurs put all their time and energy into writing an ebook, only to have it sit on some obscure page of their website, or be completely ignored on Amazon. It’s no fun putting all your energy into a project that doesn’t make you money.

My advice is always to think through what you want out of your ebook. While we all want ebook sales, you should also be thinking about how writing one ebook, or an ebook series, can position you as an expert. I did a webinar at the end of August on how I made $25,000 with one ebook. Listeners were surprised to find that most of the money I made from my ebook came through pitching myself to companies and organizations that had the money to pay me for my expertise.

I talk a lot about eating well and healthy living in my ebook, Loving My Fibroids Away: A 10-Day Detox Plan. Mind you, I’m not a trained chef or dietician, just someone who had an experience with fibroids who wanted to help make life easier for other women suffering through the same thing. Because I had an ebook along with an online presence, I was able to beat out other trained chefs and nutritionists in places like the Whole Foods healthy eating club in Tribeca, NYC. As a matter of fact, I had trained chefs assisting me in making sure my ingredients were prepped and ready to go. Families allowed me into their homes to provide fast, healthy meals cooked in their own kitchen — all because I dared to declare my expertise with an ebook!

Are you ready to write your ebook?

If you are ready to write your own ebook, I want to make sure that you have the right guidance to get started. That’s why I started the B.O.S.S. Guide Series. Book one is about Planning, Writing, & Publishing Business Building Ebooks. I literally hand walk you through

  • positioning your ebook for success
  • identifying tools and systems you need to market your ebook and make sales
  • how to be a productive writer
  • creating an ebook title and ebook cover that sells

If you are ready to add this powerful ebook to your professional library, then you want to purchase it on my website. For a minimal investment, you’ll have the blueprint that will help you finally get your first ebook done in a matter of days — not years.

How Much Money Are You Making on that Unpublished Book?

How Much Money Are You Making on that Unpublished Book-


Have you had a book idea mulling around in your head for months… maybe even YEARS?

Do you make plans to start your book on Sunday only to realize that it is now Wednesday and you haven’t written a single word?

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who has started writing, then got caught up in trying to sound so poetic that you couldn’t get past chapter one?

What is stopping you from making the leap from idea to published author?

As coaches, speakers, and experts, we want our first book to be a slam dunk — a best selling work of genius. But the truth of the matter is that because you are attempting to write, publish, and market your book without support, what you wind up with is a bunch of false starts and wasted effort.

So now let me ask you…


Probably not a dime.

Here’s another question…


These opportunities can include:

  • speaking engagements
  • media exposure
  • connecting with new clients
  • best selling author status
  • growing your coaching programs
  • passive income

… the list can go on!

So how can you get from idea to published author? Here are a few ideas:

#1. Be honest — ask yourself what is stopping you from writing your book. Is it because you don’t know if your idea is good enough? Is your idea so BIG that you don’t know how to tackle it? Are you making the time and space in your life to get the book done? Be clear about what that reason is — without judgement. The first step in getting your book done is to be honest with yourself about why you haven’t done it yet.

#2. If you have started and stopped writing your book — like you have a chapter or two that haven’t even been touched in months — ask yourself what is blocking you from continuing with your writing. Is it because you have fallen out of love with the topic? Is it because you don’t have anything else to say? These may be signs that you have approached writing your book in the wrong way. Go back and re-examine why you wanted to write this book in the first place, analyze your overall business goals, then work on rewriting your book outline so that it is in line with what you had in mind for your coaching, speaking, or expert business.

#3. Are you just distracted? Distraction can kill your dreams, if you allow it to. As a business owner, it’s important to minimize distraction as much as possible. Create working hours for when you are writing your book and cannot be disturbed. Make public declarations of your writing, editing, and publishing goals so that your loved ones can keep you accountable. Create a small group of other business owners who are working on writing a book so you can do it together. Whatever you need to do, get it done.

Are you ready to cut the excuses and get your book done? Then let’s talk! Schedule a 1-hour complimentary consultation where we can talk about your book and business needs.