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Are you a brilliant educator who wants to combine her love for teaching with travel? Do you aspire to have the freedom of running your own online business, but don’t know where to start? Would you like to learn how to make money with what you already know?

If you are ready to transition into becoming the boss of your own life AND expand your income possibilities with writing, teaching, and selling online — then you are in the right place!

You see, effective educators make the best online entrepreneurs! You know why? It’s because great educators are 1) resilient problem solvers and 2) not afraid of learning new things.


Meet Halona!


Writer. Healthy Cooking Teacher. World Traveler. Facebook Ad Geek. Jumproper.

Teaching was really not in my plans when I went to college. I graduated from Rutgers University with a bachelor’s degree in video production and editing. My intention was to make documentaries about the struggles of the poor. After graduation I got my first job at CBS News in NYC the documentary division. I felt surely I was on my way. However the amount of ass kissing it took to move up the ladder left me frustrated. Hungry for adventure, I decided to join the Peace Corps.

I was placed in Togo, a small country in West Africa. I learned that after 4 years of high school French, I didn’t learn a thing. Ha! It’s not that my teacher wasn’t great. I just figured out how much being immersed in a culture forces you to communicate in a way that being in a classroom for one hour could never duplicate. I spent 2 years as an agriculture volunteer. However I divided my time between both health and women farming projects.

After 2 years, I returned home to New Jersey six months after 9-11. It was the absolute worst time to be looking for a job in that area. So I took my meager relocation allowance and moved to Washington, DC. I didn’t know anyone. But, hey, after 2 years of barely speaking any of the languages in Togo, I figured DC wouldn’t be that hard to maneuver.

While DC was a great city to be in, I found it difficult to find my place as a professional. Truthfully I wasted 2 years of my life going from one crappy temp job to another trying to find something that was as fulfilling as Peace Corps.  Until one day I happened to meet another former volunteer who was telling me about her work as a Parent Coordinator at a local school. She told me all about her work as a teacher and the graduate classes in adult education she was taking at a local university. For the first time in a long time, I was excited about what I heard.

I had never been interested in becoming a formal classroom teacher. However I was excited about working with youth and adults in nonformal spaces like nonprofit organizations that taught literacy, self-directed learning, job training, and business building. I joined the adult education certificate program at the University of DC and started volunteering as a literacy and GED instructor. It was the exact kind of work I needed to reignite my fire again.

I went on to complete my certificate and continued to build my career in adult education. I taught in the classroom, organized workforce development training, taught ESL. I even did advocacy work and moved into working in community colleges and universities. I went on to complete a Master of Education in International Education at the University of Massachusetts. I continued to work in West Africa on literacy and business education projects for women’s shea butter cooperatives. However after 15 years of community education work, I was burned out and ready for a change. That was when I began to look at reinventing myself as an online educator.

I used blogging to build a personal brand and found success as a consultant and paid trainer while still working my day job. However it wasn’t until I wrote my first ebook that I discovered how powerful my own thoughts and experiences were to those who were seeking information. I learned how to build an audience and create products they were willing to pay money for.

My story isn’t extraordinary. I don’t make promises of overnight riches. However what I do have is freedom in movement and creativity. I can pack up and travel through Mexico for a month while still serving my clients — something I could never do as a full time employee. Are you looking to do the same?


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