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Are you a brilliant business mind who is ready to share your best leadership lessons in a book?

I collaborate with global business leaders to ghostwrite business and thought leadership books in the areas of health, education, and technology.


Meet Your Ghostwriter, Halona Black!


It’s not unusual to be confused about where to begin with writing your book. You’ve learned and accomplished a ton during your lifetime and it’s a real challenge to figure out what to include in the book and what to leave out.

I’m sure you’ve written lots of important works during your career — white papers, project analyses, case studies and more. It’s not that you don’t know how to write. Hiring a qualified ghostwriter means that you are partnering with an experienced professional who can help you organize your thoughts, manage the entire process, and write a completed manuscript within a specified deadline. Doing so allows you to not only get your book written, but still leave you time to handle your day to day business affairs.

What’s great about working with me is that I am more than just a writer. I’m brilliant at helping people position themselves for success by becoming the premier authority in their zone of genius. That means you don’t just write any book — but you write a book that speaks for you well before you walk into the room. So whether your goal is to attract international audiences on the most desirable stages, influence world leaders with your technology, or change humankind with your latest innovation — I can help get you there.

If you are ready to explore the possibility of us working together, I invite you to send me an email at




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  1. Tom Corson-Knowles says:

    Hi Halona Black,

    I’d love to join you as a guest on the Digital Well Publisher podcast show and share how savvy entrepreneurs, authors and marketers can use a book or multiple books to build a 75+ year source of residual income and leads and increase their influence and credibility in the market.

    I’m the bestselling self published author of more than 20 books, and I went from publishing my first book to earning more than $12,000 in a single month from eBook royalties alone in just 12 months. I teach authors, entrepreneurs and experts how to turn their knowledge and stories into books and become bestselling authors.

    On the show, I can talk about anything from writing, to getting published or self publishing to marketing, and even ways to save money, increase profits and outsource tasks throughout the entire writing, publishing and marketing process.

    Here’s a recent podcast interview of me:

    You can learn more about me at

    You can check out my podcast show at

    Looking forward to connecting!

    To your success,


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