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Are you a creative entrepreneurs who wants to know how you can monetize your business via self publishing?

YES! Being an authorpreneur is within your reach!

Has this whole book writing idea been gnawing at your brain, but stopped because the whole thing was just too overwhelming?

Do you imagine sharing your message with thousands — maybe even millions — of people who are ready to change their lives, but fear that people may think you’re a fraud?

Have you started a book — or several books — and just haven’t found the time to finish it?

Do you find that you’re a great speaker who can engage an audience and has been told many times that you should write a book, but haven’t followed through because you believe writing is too hard?

Then let me help you!

I help creative entrepreneurs — LIKE YOU — write books that build their reputation, upgrade your status to EXPERT, and create new streams of income.

You became an entrepreneur because you wanted to change lives. Maybe you were tired of your boss and your co-workers stealing all of your brilliant ideas. Perhaps you can’t wait for the day when you no longer have to push papers and can put your creative energy into writing your books.

You see, books can last for generations. Think about the classic books that had such a huge influence on the person you are today. As publishing technology continues to improve, it is becoming even easier to share your book with people who don’t even speak your language! How POWERFUL is that?

Are you ready to take the leap into authorpreneurship?

I support creative entrepreneurs who are ready to build a LEGACY made from books that can be flipped into audios, courses, retreats, seminars, videos, and more. It all starts with you and your vision for the kind of author and book publisher you want to be. Invest in yourself and your business by getting a guide who can help you get to where you are ready to go.

I support creative wellness entrepreneurs through 4 types of services:

1-on-1 Book Consultation Package

Do you need someone to help you make sense of your book project? Perhaps you want to narrow down your book topic, write your book outline, or figure out how to get your book into the hands of readers? Invest in a package of 3 one-hour book consultations to get your questions answered and a process to get you going. Email Halona Black at to schedule a time for us to talk and figure out if this is the right choice for you.

Done WITH You Book Package

You know without a doubt that YOU’RE A WRITER, however you need someone to help you stay on task. Would it be helpful to have a professional developmental editor read over your drafts and give you constructive feedback while you write your book? Would you also like to have your editing, formatting, and book cover for the e-book and print version done ALL IN ONE PLACE? Then email Halona Black at to learn more about my book coaching package.

Done FOR You Book Package

Are you an entrepreneur who is way too busy to be bothered with the book writing process? Then let Halona Black write your book for you! The process involves a series of 3 to 4 one-hour interviews that my team and I will turn into a branded book to help you build your business. This package includes:

  • pre-interview marketing plan
  • 3 to 4 interviews to capture your content
  • transcription
  • writing and editing the book
  • book formatting
  • book cover for both ebook AND print copies
  • make your book available to bookstores and libraries WORLDWIDE

Book Editing

Are you looking for a professional editor to help you clean up your grammar, spelling, and sentence structure? Email Halona Black at to make an appointment to discuss your book.

Book Marketing Mastermind… COMING SOON!

Wouldn’t it be great to have access to bi-monthly lessons, templates, and support that will help you sell more books? That is what the Book Marketing Mastermind is all about. Be the first to find out about this group and get preferred pricing by signing up here.

Ready to get started? Email for more information.

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  3. Hi Halona . . . it’s been a while since we’ve connected. Early last year we tried to (unsuccessfully) schedule a Jam Session. And I want to THANK YOU for subscribing to my Newsletter (Herbs are Natures Medicine). I HAVE MISSED YOU since you haven’t been posting or opening the Newsletter regularly – AND AM GLAD YOU ARE BACK. Maybe we can schedule a session this weekend? Zakiyyah

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