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I provide a variety of professional services for the high-level business owner or professional who is ready to write their book.


Ghostwriting is an 8 to 12-month collaborative process where I sit down with the author-to-be and go through everything from the initial planning stages of your book, to writing the chapters, through working with a dedicated editor.

Hiring a ghostwriter is ideal for the high-level business owner or professional who:

  • is seeking support in organizing the book writing process so you can get your book done while tending to the affairs of your business or career.
  • has tried to write the book on your own, but can’t seem to get past the blank screen.
  • has pieces of a book, but is not sure how to use them — if at all.

To be clear, this is a process that requires a significant amount of your time from doing interviews, reading drafts, to offering feedback.

Author Coaching & Consulting

If you know you want to write your book on your own, but want to do it with a writing professional who can coach you through the process, then perhaps you are in need of an Author Coach.

Author coaching and consulting is ideal for the author who:

  • is in search of guidance on how to approach their book writing project so they can get started on the right foot.
  • needs accountability throughout the writing process so that the project actually gets done.
  • has written a manuscript and needs an expert opinion on how to improve it.

I do provide book editing services for those who have a completed manuscript. The editing process starts with a manuscript consultation. If you decide to move forward, the consultation fee will be applied to the editing fee.

Copywriting & Content Marketing

Are you looking for someone to write your marketing materials for your book? This can include:

  • back-cover copy
  • Amazon and Barnes & Noble book description
  • speaker one-sheet
  • author bio
  • press materials
  • web content

…and more! Have all your promotional materials ready for book launch day.

Are you ready to press GO on your book, but still have some questions?

Book a call with me by emailing


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  3. Hi Halona . . . it’s been a while since we’ve connected. Early last year we tried to (unsuccessfully) schedule a Jam Session. And I want to THANK YOU for subscribing to my Newsletter (Herbs are Natures Medicine). I HAVE MISSED YOU since you haven’t been posting or opening the Newsletter regularly – AND AM GLAD YOU ARE BACK. Maybe we can schedule a session this weekend? Zakiyyah

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