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Welcome to Digital Well Publisher! My name is Halona Black and I help creative entrepreneurs monetize their expertise through self publishing of print books and ebooks.

I put together a few of my best resources in one place to help you find what you need in a hurry.

Build Your Online Community

Are you ready to build your online reputation so that you can teach, serve others, and be rewarded for your work? Then you should join my FREE 21-Day Best Selling Author Platform Challenge. You can expect 21 days of emails and fun action steps sent straight to your inbox where you can learn:

  • How to build your online foundation
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  • How to become an influencer through the creation of your own media

There’s even a bonus Facebook group so you can get support from other entrepreneurs who are on the journey towards creating a publishing empire of their own. Join my 21-Day Best Selling Author Platform Challenge!

Write and Edit Your Book

When you start writing your book, you often have a ton of information swimming in your head. It can be overwhelming. How do you know what information goes where? Is it information overload? Are you missing any obvious steps in explaining your process?

The good news is that you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Use these FREE resources to help you sort out what’s in your head.

10 Steps to Publishing Your First Book

How to Create Your Self Publishing Team

Top 3 Misconceptions About Hiring a Book Editor

How to Self-Edit Your Book (Download Your FREE Guide)

What is an ISBN — and Do You Need One?

Wouldn’t it be great to have access to bi-monthly lessons, templates, and support that will help you sell more books? That is what the Book Marketing Mastermind is all about. Be the first to find out about this group and get preferred pricing by signing up here.

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