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Ep5: How to Publish Your First Print Book with Chanelle Washington

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Writing, publishing, and marketing your first print book can be exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. My client, fellow wellness entrepreneur, and friend, Chanelle Washington can tell you all about it. She published her first print book, “Radiant Living: How to Abide in Joy, Confidence, & Abundance,” in late 2014.

In this episode, Chanelle Washington of Indigofera Beauty and Radiant Living tells us all about her experience publishing her first print book. Listen and find out how Chanelle focuses on

  1. how to move from book idea to published book
  2. how to stay motivated through the self publishing process

I worked with Chanelle as a developmental editor, one of the key members of your self publishing team.

To learn more about Chanelle’s book, business coaching, and beauty products check out the resources section below.


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