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If you are looking for education and motivation to help you publish your book and grow your wellness business, then the Digital Well Publisher podcast is just for you!


On the podcast you will find interviews with wellness entrepreneurs as well as game changers within the wellness industry who will give you the inside secrets to publishing, social media, writing, marketing, etc.


You don’t have to publish your book alone. Let the Digital Well Publisher podcast support you in growing your wellness business.


Don’t Miss a Single Episode!

If you would like to automatically get new podcast episodes sent to your Apple or Android device, you have two options:


If you use iTunes, you can log into the iTunes store, click on “PODCASTS,” and search for Digital Well Publisher. You can subscribe, rate, and review the podcast from there.

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Hello Android users! Android users can get access to the Digital Well Publisher podcast as well via Stitcher. You can download the app on your phone, or listen to it on your laptop. Don’t forget to add me to your playlist and give the show a thumbs up!

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