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How Physician-Authors Can Use Quizzes to Grow Their Email List

If you are a physician-author who is looking for a fun way to grow your email list, then you’ll want to try out Interact, a super-simple way to create interactive quizzes that help you create healthy living content that gets attention.

Quizzes are a fun way to interact with your ideal client, find out what they are interested in, and collect their email addresses so you can further the relationship over time. Don’t believe me? A 2016 article from the Content Marketing Institute revealed that 69% of survey participants said that they used quizzes in the awareness stage of connecting with their ideal client. You may be wondering — why quizzes? What makes quizzes so special? Let me explain.

Remember those quizzes from Glamour or Cosmo you used to devour from your mom’s magazine pile next to the couch? You got titles like — How to Tell if He’s the ONE??? What Your Eyebrow Shape Says About Your Personality. And don’t forget my personal favorite — Which Dollie Parton Lyric Most Resembles Your Love Life?

You went from passively reading the stories and checking out the cool fashion pics to grabbing your pen or pencil, answering questions, counting up your points, and checking out your results. You made your best friend take the test just to see how you compared to one another. And that’s the beauty of quizzes! Interaction deepens the connection a customer has to your content.

Quizzes have become more popular in social media, partially due to Buzzfeed’s brilliant marketing of quizzes on Facebook. Their goal was to get people to stop “the scroll” — even if it was just for 5 minutes. What happened after you took the quiz was that you got caught up in the suggested clickbaity headlines which meant more time spent on the site.

Why Physician-Authors Should Create Quizzes to Grow Their Audience

Interact’s quizzes are made for physician-authors like you who want to grow their audience. I say this to every writer I work with —

It doesn’t make sense to spend time, energy, and resources writing the perfect book only to have your mom and grandparents buy a copy to put on their coffee table. You need real people who are excited about you and your work and are willing to tell all their friends to buy your book.

What’s great about Interact quizzes is that you don’t have to come up with a quiz from scratch — unless you want to! Interact has already done some of the thinking for you by creating a variety of customizable templates to fit a number of areas of interest like health and fitness, business, family and parenting, nonprofits, and more. There is even a series of short, helpful videos that walk you through the entire process of creating your quiz from idea to publishing so you’re not left alone to figure it all out.

So if you are a physician-author who wants to build a relationship with her readers who are attracted to your message, will buy your book, and are highly motivated to invest in your other products and services down the line, then try out Interact quizzes as a way to stand out in the world of static health content online.

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