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4 Reasons Why Every Wellness Expert Should Self Publish

4 Reasons Why Every Wellness Expert Should Self Publish - DigitalWellPublisher.comSelf publishing is becoming an even bigger business than traditional publishing avenues and I want to see more wellness experts take advantage of it. Some of you may be turned off by it because it may seem like it’s time consuming, expensive, and not as well respected as traditional publishing. However I beg to differ. So I want to share 4 reasons why you need to be planning your self publishing empire right now.

  1. Branding. Let’s face it. Wellness is a huge industry ($3.4 trillion, to be exact…). There are more health coaches, yoga teachers, and spiritual gurus than we may care to admit. However, it’s all good because I believe there is more than enough space for all of us to be successful. This becomes even more true as more people become enlightened about improving their own health. But how do you differentiate yourself in a sea of wellness experts, many of whom may be in the same line of work as yourself? BRANDING! A professionally done, self published book may feel complicated, but it’s definitely do-able when you have a guide and a plan to help you through the process.
  2. Create your own income streams. If you’re still doing the trading dollars for hours dance, I have good news for you! Self publishing gives you new ways to create income you put together once, then generally don’t have to think about it again. Every book or ebook can be its own income stream. Start thinking book series. Classes based on books. Speaking opportunities gained from writing books on your topic of expertise. Can you visualize the checks going straight to your bank account? I sure can…
  3. Develop your PR machine. The whole world runs on content. Without content, there would be no newspapers, no radio, no podcasts, no blogs, no magazines, etc. And while you may believe that your local news station gets paid to chase car crashes and robberies (though it’s not that far from the truth…), it’s not the only thing they do. Much of what media, small and large alike, report on is information that was pitched to them. They may receive press releases from local businesses, a request to write a guest blog post, a pitch to be a guest on a podcast, etc. Your books provide plenty of content to offer busy media professionals who are looking for something interesting to talk about.
  4. Say what you want to say, how you want to say it. Well, almost… When it comes to wellness there are some restrictions on how you can present your information depending upon your credentials and where you live. For example, some food advice I see a few health coaches give on their blogs often tread into medical advice — which is dangerous. However the reason many of us got into wellness in the first place is because we knew there was another way of living healthfully that didn’t always have to involve pharmaceutical drugs and surgery. And you can promote that very message with your self published books. You are in control of your content and how you present it.

If you are waiting for a traditional publishing house to come knocking down your door — God bless you. The truth of the matter is, you may be waiting a long time. I won’t tell you it won’t ever happen. However if you’re sitting around waiting for a career to happen to you, well your business probably isn’t doing much anyway.

So take the bull by the horns and push that SELF PUBLISH button! Who knows… It’s not unheard of for traditional publishers to be interested in publishing a traditional book with wellness experts once they’ve proven they have an audience. So go ahead and make your future happen today!

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Halona Black is a freelance writer, author, and marketing consultant. Her journey to becoming a professional writer began as a blogger sharing her thoughts on improving education for youth and adult learners. Blogging opened the door to consulting and speaking opportunities within the field.

Halona transitioned into writing about health and wellness after having surgery for uterine fibroids. She turned to blogging once again, sharing her personal journey towards learning how to cook healthy meals, addressing body image issues, and creating a self care regimen. The blog turned into her first best selling book, “Loving My Fibroids Away: A 10-Day Detox Plan.”

Today, Halona combines her love for healthy food and wellness in an online magazine – She shares recipes and healthy living tips for women age 40+. She also advises natural health brands and fellow independent creators on personal brand development, content strategy, and book publishing via

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